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Saxman Software is a web design firm that has been helping small business and individuals create a professional presence on the internet since 1999. We have done significant work in web design for community associations, fire departments, real estate agents and a variety of other small businesses. Our customers have ranged from Boeing and Bank of America, all the way down to "Mom and Pop's". We provide "turnkey" web design, maintenance and hosting so you don't have to worry about hardware, software or integration. We provide services from our office in Glendale which is part of metro Phoenix, Arizona.


Saxman Software exists for the specific purpose of helping you achieve success in the electronic business environment. To build the best you use the best... and we do. We use state of the art Apple workstations utilizing web design, management and graphics tools including Illustrator, Photoshop, RapidWeaver, PHP and mySQL.

The consistent interface and quality of these tools combined with a hunger for perfection helps our team create something unique and professional for our clients with an efficiency and effectiveness found in few other design shops. Deadlines have a meaning here as well as budgets.

We have a wide variety of experience including software project management, process evaluation and improvement, marketing and planning, database development, web development, graphical design and general business and financial skills.

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Principle team members

Scott Saxman MBA, BSBA - spent 16 years in software development at McDonnell Douglas and Boeing and is now a Glendale Fire Department Firefighter / Paramedic. He is responsible for strategy, application development, web design and graphics/art.

Dawn Saxman BSN - After 20 years of banking, finance and administration, Dawn is now a registered nurse and heads up our administration and financial operations.

We also utilize the talents of an established network of skilled professional programmers and developers to complement our skills for larger scope projects that require additional expertise to meet our customer's needs.

Saxman Software looks forward to meeting your e-business needs with professionalism and a true sense of uniqueness all at an affordable price. We love to hear our customers say "Wow!"

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Business Web Sites - conquer your market with a professional and unique approach. Well crafted and defined web sites catch the customer's eye and imagination and give them a compelling reason to contact you or buy your products. We use the best available technologies combined with massive doses of creativity to make your web site stand out above the crowd with a pleasing and easy to use style that draws rave reviews. Our web sites are more than just pretty pictures and eye candy. They are carefully crafted to support your business objectives.

Web Site Re-engineering - how long have you been tired of hearing someone complain about your current website? Too plain? Hard to navigate? Is it lacking customer appeal? Have things changed for your business? If so, we can re-design your website to add style and keep it current with the success your business has achieved using the latest tools and techniques.

E-commerce Web Sites - if you have product to sell on the Internet, we have e-commerce solutions for you. We now use GoDaddy shopping carts setup for easy online shopping! Combined with your professional website, the online catalog and shopping cart help your customers buy when they are ready to buy - NOW!

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Web Hosting - after the website is ready, where does it go? We offer complete hosting services using Linux servers with e-mail, e-commerce capability, database support, multimedia support as well as daily backup and UPS/generator power backup. All this at a very reasonable cost!

Webmaster - website management includes domain management, site promotion, e-mail administration, server administration and site maintenance with webmaster support.

Web Consulting - if you just have a good idea but don't know how to make it happen on the Internet, we can help you deliver it to your target audience. We'll help you determine possible marketing approaches and strategy, the content, the flow and even suggest art ideas. Since we want you to be excited when you roll out your web creation, we expect the process to be very interactive!

Graphics, Custom Art, and Banners - this is a BIG differentiator from other web designers. You come up with the idea and if you don't have the art work, graphic, banner or logo you want to display on your site, you aren't out of luck. We design professional graphics for splash pages, banners (even logos for letterhead and business cards) to your specifications. We expertly scan your existing photos and marketing literature if available.

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